Windows Service Management Software Products

Achieve application uptime and availability

Run Any Application Program as a Windows Service

  • Run any 32-bit or 64-bit application as a Windows service

  • Monitor and restart your apps if it crashes, hangs or shuts down

  • Start your apps at system boot, without any user intervention

  • Schedule your apps to start/restart at specific times and dates

  • OEM also available to re-brand and integrate with your product/platform for resale

Remotely Manage Windows Services and Pro Services

  • Remotely manage Windows services via your browser - start/stop/schedule services

  • Access Fusion via the highest grade TLS / SSL encryption available

  • Integrate Fusion into your web based application with our comprehensive RESTful API

  • Use standalone or with FireDaemon Pro to manage Pro services as well

  • OEM also available to integrate with your product/platform for resale

Manage Interactive Services on Session 0

  • Switch to and manage Pro and Microsoft Windows interactive services on Session 0

  • Simply double click the task tray icon to take you back and forth between Session 0

  • View who currently has control of Session 0, kicking them off and taking control if necessary

  • Enable Session 0 desktop colour and auditing options

  • OEM also available to integrate with your product/platform for resale

Free Software Products

Restores Keyboard and Mouse Functionality on Session 0

  • Digitally signed kernel mode driver

  • Restores the keyboard and mouse functionality on Session 0 on Windows 10, Server 2016, and Server 2019

  • Removes the "blacked out" Session 0 desktop on Windows 10 and Server 2019

  • Works with FireDaemon Pro and detects that the driver is present and gives you the ability to remain on Session 0 indefinitely (normally you would be kicked out after 30-seconds)

FireDaemon Certify One

Audit, Check and Validate SSL / TLS Certificate Chains

  • Audit & validate SSL / TLS certificate and certificate chains inside your network

Binary Distribution of OpenSSL for Microsoft Windows

  • Free digitally signed, binary distribution of OpenSSL for Microsoft Windows

Scheduling engine for recurring tasks

  • C++ Library for pattern based timepoint generation of recurringtTasks

Monitor and Control Groups of Windows Service

  • Monitor and restart individual or groups of FireDaemon Pro or Windows services

  • Restart individual or groups of services if CPU or memory consumption limits are reached

  • Restart individual or groups of services if one or more services abnormally terminate

  • Enabled verbose, parsable logging so you can watch what your service and service groups are up to

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