FireDaemon Pro

Run Any Application Program in the background as a Windows Service

Create, manage, schedule, monitor and control custom Windows services that run off the shelf or your in house developed applications continuously or on demand.

  • Run any 32-bit or 64-bit application as a Windows service

  • Monitor and restart your app if it crashes, hangs or shuts down

  • Start your app at system boot, without any user intervention

  • Schedule your app to start/restart at specific times and dates

US$50 Per Machine or VM

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Version 4.5.25 | October 2020

For Microsoft Windows

FireDaemon Pro Run Any App As Windows Service.

Pro Features

Run any Program or Application as a Windows service

FireDaemon Pro allows you to create and manage custom and built-in Windows services.

Run your applications as a Windows Service in the background.

Service Creation & Control

Create Windows services running applications, programs and scripts written in any language.

Service Scheduling

Comprehensive scheduling allowing you to run your application persistently or on demand.

Advanced Monitoring

FireDaemon Pro proactively monitors your application restarting it if it hangs or crashes.

Comprehensive Configuration

Take control of your service with numerous configuration items.

Complete Feature List

  • Allows you to run any application or script as a Microsoft Windows service

  • Negligible memory and CPU consumption

  • Gives you the ability to edit the properties of any built-in Windows service

  • Easy service creation and management via the graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Scriptable service creation and management via the command-line interface (CLI)

  • Ability to export and import FireDaemon Service Definition XML files for service backup, recovery and migration

  • Interactive services support allowing Allow interactive services to run on Session 0

  • Gives you the ability to run your service application with specific user credentials such a local or domain accounts, virtual service accounts and managed service accounts

  • Process prioritisation and job grouping

  • Processor group, NUMA node and individual CPU core-binding

  • Extensive application lifecycle options including crash detection, hang detection and automatic restarts

  • Support for service pre-shutdown notifications

  • Comprehensive logging, debugging and output capture

  • Broad service monitoring and failure recovery options

  • Support for service and load order group dependencies

  • Support for custom environment variables

  • Support for lifecycle triggered launch and termination events

  • Scheduling engine supporting duration scheduling, restarts and point in time execution

  • Automatic dialog window popup closing

  • Integrates with the Windows Service Control manager standard service recovery options

  • FireDaemon Pro GUI can be skinned with your own icons, graphics and text

  • Integrates with standard Windows service management tools such as the Windows Services applet

  • Support for all recent 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Operating Systems

  • Extensive documentation including FAQs and HOWTOs.

Simple Licensing

No activation no node locking or confusing licensing schemes.

30 Day Free Trial

Fully functional, unrestricted and no credit card required 30 day trial.

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Integration Guides

If it works with FireDaemon then we most likely have written a guide to show you how to run your application in the background as a Windows Service.
Use independently or deploy as a suite.