Single or Multi License for Corporate or Home Users


Per License

Perpetual license, per

computer, server or VM

FireDaemon Fusion


Per License

Perpetual license, per

computer, server or VM



Per License

Perpetual license, per

computer, server or VM

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does licensing work?

No activation no node locking or confusing licensing schemes. One license is required per server, workstation or VM. Please consult our EULA for more information.

How is product/license delivered?

Upon payment, the download link, serial number and receipt will be emailed to you. Enter the serial number details into your product to unlock the 30 day trial.

What discounts are available?

We offer 50% discounts for students & teachers, Gaming Clans and Non-Profit Organizations. You can apply for the discount here.

How to become a reseller or purchase from a reseller.

Please refer to our reseller page if you would like to purchase from a reseller or sign up as a reseller.

We are a USA tax-exempt entity. How do I order and not get charged tax?

If your company is sales tax exempt, then you will need your Cleverbridge Document ID when generating the quote or placing the order to ensure sales tax is not applied. Please see this guide.

Payment Currency & Methods

All prices are in US$ and excludes any local taxes. You can choose to purchase in your local currency also. We accept payment via all major credit cards, PayPal, wire transfer, cheque and Purchase Orders.

How does Upgrades and Support work?

Software Assurance and Priority Support subscriptions are optional. Please consult our FAQ on how each product upgrades work.

​Software Assurance gives you complimentary upgrades to the next major version of the product. ​​Priority Support gives you access to FireDaemon’s expert technical representatives over the phone or via chat.

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