Helping you secure mission critical workloads on Microsoft Windows

Securely run, schedule and monitor your critical programs, applications and scripts to ensure uptime and resiliency.

Application Uptime & Availability

FireDaemon's application availability suite of products for Microsoft Windows allows you to easily convert, manage and monitor your critical applications, programs, or scripts to run them securely on Session 0 as a native Microsoft Windows service.

Run any application program
as a Windows service

FireDaemon Pro allows you to run and schedule any application, program, or script as a native Windows service. FireDaemon Pro monitors and restarts your program if it crashes, hangs, or shuts down. Start your application at system boot, without any user intervention. Also available as OEM for rebranding, embedding and redistribution.

Run Any App As a Windows Service

FireDaemon Pro and Windows services web manager

FireDaemon Fusion is a standalone web application that allows you to manage FireDaemon Pro and native Windows services via your browser. You can also manage FireDaemon Pro and Windows services via FireDaemon Fusion's RESTful API. Also available as OEM for rebranding, embedding and redistribution.

How to manage Windows Services through a Web App

Manage interactive services
on Session 0

FireDaemon Zero allows you to switch to and from Session 0 to facilitate access to and management of interactive FireDaemon Pro services. Work with FireDaemon ZeroInput. Also available as OEM for embedding and redistribution.

ZeroInput Restore Keyboard and Mouse Functionality on Session 0.png

Restore desktop interactivity
on Session 0

FireDaemon ZeroInput is a system driver that restores keyboard and mouse interactivity plus removes the black desktop overlay on Session 0 on Windows 10, 11, Server 2016, 2019 and 2022.

Zero Manage interactive services on Session 0.png

Service monitoring and orchestration

FireDaemon daeMON allows you to monitor and orchestrate groups of FireDaemon Pro and Windows services based on their availability and system resource consumption. FireDaemon daeMON can be run standalone or under FireDaemon Pro control. If specific services are unavailable or resource consumption thresholds are met, then FireDaemon daeMON will restart individual or groups of services in an structured manner.

daeMON Monitor, start, stop or restart FireDaemon Pro or Windows services.png

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