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The #1 vendor of Microsoft Windows service management software

About Us

FireDaemon Technologies Limited is comprised of a small group of highly focused and talented individuals designing and delivering innovative software for Microsoft Windows. In 1999 the first version of FireDaemon was released. In 2002 the company was established in Australia. In 2006 the company relocated its headquarters to Newmarket in the UK. FireDaemon has its primary R&D centre in Austria and a customer support centre in Australia.

FireDaemon Technologies Limited develops a range of commercial software including FireDaemon Pro, FireDaemon Fusion, FireDaemon Zero, and FireDaemon Certify One. In addition to this, the company offers free and open-source software including FireDaemon ZeroInput, FireDaemon OpenSSL and contributes to a variety of open-source projects including SQLite ORM and the Windows Template Library.


Meet The Team

James Bourne CEO FireDaemon

James Bourne

CEO & Product Owner

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 Klaus Triendl Director Software Engineering

Klaus Triendl

Software Engineering Director

  • Klaus Triendl Linkedin
Sangeeta Devi Director Sales & Marketing FireDaemon

Sangeeta Devi

Sales, Marketing & Licensing Director

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To innovate and inspire the creation of superb products by virtue of embracing and empathising with the needs and challenges of those around us.


To create great, useful, cost effective software that users recommend to their compatriots, purchasers select for their clients and our team are proud of.


To develop a culture where openness and honesty underpin fantastic and transparent long term personal relationships between our team, customers and partners.

FireDaemon? Here’s the story of our name.


“daemon” is, in computer parlance, a computer program or application that runs as a background process rather that under the direct control of a logged in interactive user. As such, modern operating systems such a Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS generally start or launch a variety of daemons a boot time. The term “demon” was applied by Lord Kelvin in 1874 when describing the concept behind Maxwell’s Thought Experiment to further the understanding of the second law of thermodynamics. The demon was an imaginary mediating being responsible for guarding a trapdoor between two containers of molecules. The first version of FireDaemon was written in San Jose, California in 1999 to allow a spatial software product called Formida Fire (RIP Andy P) to run as a Windows NT4 service. Hence, FireDaemon was born!

Windows Service Management Software Development
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