Dialogs Tab
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The Dialogs tab allows for the logging and suppression of dialog boxes specifically that the application sub-process might emit. Note that FireDaemon Pro will only close dialogs where the style is of type WS_POPUP and the window class is #32770. The tab has two sections: General and Responses.

General Section




Enable/disable dialog monitoring.

Only This Process

FireDaemon Pro will only respond to popups generated by the sub-process. All other popups will be ignored.

Ignore Unknowns

FireDaemon Pro will ignore popups for which there are no Responses

Log File

Log file to log the contents of popups to.

Check Frequency

Frequency with which FireDaemon Pro will check for new popups. The default is 5000ms.

Responses Section

You do not generally need to specify Responses as the Dialog closer will attempt to automatically detect and close any dialog displayed by the sub-process. Custom responses can be designed allow specific and known responses to certain dialogs. The Responses section contains four buttons: Insert, Append, Edit and Remove. The Responses section allows you to fine tune responses to dialog popups. Clicking on Insert or Append will yield the following dialog:

The Response Builder has the following fields. Note that when building a response the Title and/or Content must be supplied.




Popup Title (eg. Response Builder). This field is optional.


Full or partial text content of the dialog to match against. This field is optional. Note that one of Title or Content must be specified.

Button Text

The button text to be "pressed". For example Cancel or OK. This allows you to fine tune responses based on combination of Title and Content.