Basic Installation
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FireDaemon Fusion is supplied as a standalone installation executable (EXE). To install, download the installer from the FireDaemon website, then copy the installer to a convenient location. Start the installer by double clicking on it.

FireDaemon Fusion can be downloaded from the official FireDaemon website here. It is available as a fully functioning 30-day trial before purchasing a license key.

To get started with Fusion, double-click the .exe file and follow the directions in the installer to install Fusion on your computer.

Read the License Agreement and then accept the terms to continue.

Read the README supplied with FireDaemon Fusion and click Next. This README contains particularly important information if you are updating FireDaemon Fusion from an older version.

Select where you want FireDaemon Fusion to be installed. By default, FireDaemon Fusion installs to C:\Program Files (x86)\FireDaemon Fusion. Click Next once you are happy with the installation path.

If you are happy with your settings, click Install to install FireDaemon Fusion to your computer. Otherwise, click Back to change your installation settings.

Once FireDaemon Fusion is installed, you may launch FireDaemon Fusion for the first time or view the Windows install log. The installation success screen also shows your default FireDaemon Fusion credentials. These credentials are also available in the Accessing FireDaemon Fusion area of this guide.

Silent Installation

FireDaemon Fusion also supports silent installation. At a command prompt, navigate to the directory that your downloaded the .exe file from. Then run the following, amending the .exe filename as necessary:

FireDaemon-Fusion-x86.exe /s /v "/qn"