Run Any Application as a Windows Service

Run any application
program or script as a
Microsoft Windows

Achieve application uptime and resiliency.

Create, schedule, monitor and manage Windows Services with ease.


Create and run any application or script as a Windows service

Monitor and restart your app if it crashes, hangs or shuts down. Start your app at system boot, without any user intervention. Schedule your app to start/restart at specific times and dates. OEM also available to integrate and resell with your solution.

View system stats, manage Pro and Windows services securely via your browser

Web application to manage and control Windows and FireDaemon Pro Services. Integrate Windows Service management control programatically via Fusion’s RESTful API. OEM also available to integrate with your solution.

Switch to and from Session 0 to view and manage your services

Easily access and manage your interactive FireDaemon Pro or Windows Services on Session 0. Switch to and from Session 0 from your user session. OEM also available to integrate with your solution.

Free Tools

Restore keyboard and mouse functionality on Session 0

Digitally signed kernel mode driver that restores the keyboard and mouse functionality on Session 0 on Windows 10, Server 2016, and Server 2019. The driver also removes the "blacked out" Session 0 desktop on Windows 10 and Server 2019.

of OpenSSL

Binary distribution of OpenSSL that we use in FireDaemon Fusion. Relies on the Visual Studio runtime so please read the Release Notes carefully before installing.

Audit, check and validate SSL/TLS
Certificate Chains

A simple and free command line tool to help you validate SSL / TLS certificate chains. Avoid your sites being blocked due to expired, incorrect, missing or revoked SSL / TLS certificate chain of trust (e.g. root CA or intermediate certificates).

Monitor CPU and restart groups of Pro and Windows Services

A command-line application that is used to monitor and selectively start, stop or restart FireDaemon Pro or Windows services, either individually or collectively. You can also monitor the CPU and Memory utilization of individual services.

The FireDaemon Service Management Products allow you to create, run and manage any application or program as a Microsoft Windows service.

FireDaemon Pro allows you to create custom Windows services to run any application or program written in any computer language or script. FireDaemon Pro services are designed to start your application securely at system boot on Session 0 and restart your application should it crash or fail. FireDaemon Pro allows you to run pre-existing Windows applications written in languages such as C, C++, C#, VB and Delphi as well as scripts written in PowerShell, Batch, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Lua and Perl.


FireDaemon Fusion allows you to manage FireDaemon Pro and native Windows services via your browser or programmatically via RESTful API.


FireDaemon Zero allows you to switch to and from Session 0 to allow you to view the interactive components of your application running under FireDaemon Pro control.


FireDaemon daeMON allows you to monitor and complete resource consumption checks on groups of FireDaemon Pro and native Windows services.

Simple Licensing

No activation no node locking or confusing licensing schemes.

30-Day Free Trial

Fully functional, unrestricted and no credit card required 30-day trial.

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