Recovery Tab
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The Recovery tab allows you to determine what action to take when a service fails. NOTE that for the Recovery option to function correctly, you must set the Upon Program Exit option in the Settings tab to Terminate FireDaemon. The Recovery tab has the identical functionality as is found in the Recovery options of each built in service in the Windows Services applet (services.msc).



First failure

Second failure

Third failure

Defines the computer's response in the event of a service failure. Valid values are:

  • Take no action
  • Restart the service
  • Run a program
  • Restart the computer

Whilst these options are similar to FireDaemon Pro functions, these responses are handled by the Windows Service Control Manager and not FireDaemon Pro.

Reset fail count after

Resets the fail count after n-days to zero (0). The fail count is incremented upon each failure and determines which failure event will run (ie. First, Second or Third).

Restart service after

Upon failure, the service will be restarted after n-minutes.

Enable actions for stops with errors

If this checkbox is checked, the First and subsequent failure actions will be triggered if the service stopped with an error.

Restart Computer Options

The Restart Computer Options button determines what to do when a failure triggers a computer restart as per the dialog below.

Run Program Options

The Run Program Options are enabled if a failure trigger is set to Run a program. The following options are available:




Name of the executable to run.

Command line parameters

Command line parameters to pass to the executable.

Append fail count to end of command line

Appends /fail=%1% to the command line parameters. %1% is a replaceable parameter, replaced by the value 1 through 3 in the event of failure.