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The easiest way to obtain a free SSL certificate is through the site However, this method gives you limited control over your certificate details and security.

However, this method of obtaining an SSL certificate is not the most secure way. These SSL certificates should only be used on development or trial machines. It should not be used on production machines. 

Go to

If the machine running FireDaemon Fusion has a DNS domain name associated with its IP, then enter your domain name in the text box and click "Generate", otherwise enter the server's IP and click "Generate".

Download the .key and .cert files to your desktop or somewhere else easily accessible.

Combine the .key and .cert files you downloaded. To do this, use a text editor like Notepad and paste the contents of both files into a new file named Fusion.pem (not Fusion.pem.txt).

IMPORTANT: The format for Fusion.pem must be:


*certificate in here*



*RSA key in here*


Continue to the Configuration section to get your SSL certificate working with FireDaemon Fusion.