Logging On
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FireDaemon Fusion can be accessed by pointing your web browser to http://host:port. Make sure port 20604 is open on your network connection.

The default username is admin and the default password is admin. You may change your username and password -- or create a separate administrator or user account -- in the My Account area after launching FireDaemon Fusion.

Accessing Fusion with a custom domain

If you like, you can use a domain name and forward its traffic to Fusion's IP address. This can make forwarding a domain to a given IP address is straightforward. If you do not already have a registered domain, register the domain name of your choice. There are many domain registrars available to choose from.

Once you have obtained a domain name, the next step is to forward your domain to the IP address that hosts your FireDaemon Fusion instance, including the port. You can do this by configuring your domain to forward to the IP address of your choice. Instructions vary by domain registrar.