Do you need complete application uptime and resiliency?

100% uptime for your game servers or other EXE, DLL, Perl, Python, Java, Batch, Powershell, Ruby based apps.

FireDaemon Pro allows you to setup and run any application program executable written in any language (e.g. C/C++, C#, VB, Delphi, Foxpro, Fortran, LISP) or interpreted script (e.g. Java, Perl, Powershell, BAT/CMD, Python, Ruby, TCL/TK, PHP) as a Windows server service automatically starting the application at system boot, monitoring and restarting it if the service fails. FireDaemon Pro allows you to setup your service quickly and simply via the GUI or command line. You can import and export your service configurations to/from XML for fast setup on other computers. FireDaemon Pro also allows you to edit and manage the properties of any built-in Windows service.


Awesome product

I've installed FireDaemon on a client's server after solving numerous MS issues, and just now purchased the license for our client to continue using the product, which by the way we think is awesome. I informed the rest of our IS team about the success I had using FireDaemon and they were impressed at the flexibility and power of FireDaemon to configure the environment exactly as we needed, to meet our client's expectations.

David Gershen, Senior Security and Solutions Architect, Intellitactics, Inc

Configure once, run virtually forever without intervention

We needed to continuously run a network monitoring program on Windows Server as an operating system service. We installed FireDaemon, had it configured in no time and were able to simply forget about it. It has been there ever since; doing its job, hassle free.

Konrad Haedener, Zenis

Ease of use

I am an avid gamer and use teamspeak. To avoid dumping the session in terminal I use the product. No downtime as a result. Always on TS is nice thanks to you guys! Just makes me happy so friends and I can communicate without interruption.

Avid Gamer

Fits the bill perfectly

"We have dozens windows servers and we're trying to have a central point of control and configuration for all scheduling/restart/event notification. FireDaemon fits the bill perfectly. It has the functionalities and features we need and a great tool.

Qian Wang, IntercontinentalExchange (ICE)

Heart of all our software

We use FireDaemon because it's robust, fast, stable and uses almost no resources. We sleep well at night knowing our servers are up 100% as stability and uptime are foremost to our business. FireDaemon is the heart of all our software.

Stijn Koster - i3D, Netherlands

I sing your praises

Our experience of FireDaemon has been a very pleasant one, whenever we have had a need to use it, it has worked for us without and issues at all. I will continue to sing your praises to those looking for a simple but secure method of converting an application to run as a service.

Gary Bowyer , The Arnel Group

I would struggle to even run my business without it

My business is dependant upon guaranteed uptime of my computer programs 24x7. This requires three components 1) 100% uptime of machine (inc Power supply), 2) 100% Internet connection and 3) certain critical programs MUST be running. The first two issues can only be addressed by hosting, the latter by FireDaemon. With FireDaemon I know that if I have power and an internet connection, I'm in business. FireDaemon does an essential job for me and it's fool-proof.

Malcolm Morley

No activation, no registration means ease of licensing

We have just purchased three FireDaemon and I wanted to thank you for the great software, the great price - and for- no activation / registration necessary, thus no license hassle. All this makes us recommend FireDaemon and helps us keep track of the number of licenses. Thanks again!

Moritz Both - Aldebaran Daten


You, your product, and your team have been outstanding and because of this I have recommended FireDaemon to other companies as a solution as well.

Steve Stamm, Sr. Application Developer, DPRA Inc.


We are deploying FireDaemon on 40 machines in a franchise in Australia. It will be running daily tasks whilst the users are logging in with a very restrictive user account. It works perfectly.

Jonathan Wilson - Wilson IT

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