Why FireDaemon?

Start Application As A Windows Service

The process of starting up, logging in, installing, loading, monitoring, shutting down, and restarting an application is straightforward for one application. But if you need to monitor many applications or require 24/7 uptime, FireDaemon is here to help.

Now, sure there are many applications written and designed to start when Windows starts but there is a massive amount which are not. What if you could just set up your application to run when your machine starts, restarting your application automatically should it terminate for whatever reason? That's where FireDaemon comes in.

FireDaemon monitors your applications for 100% uptime, all the time. Whether you’re running a dedicated game server or a mission critical operation, FireDaemon Pro makes it easy to set up, monitor, and restart your applications as Windows services--without constantly watching over them. FireDaemon today continues to be the best and simplest way to create Windows services especially when the underlying application you want to run as a service was never designed as one in the first place. Additionally you can use FireDaemon Fusion to remotely manage groups of machines running FireDaemon Pro with your web browser.

Set Up, Monitor, and Restart Any Windows Application

FireDaemon Pro makes it easy to run virtually any application (32-bit and 64-bit) as a Windows service, without any programming knowledge, even if the application was never designed to run as a Windows service.

A few of the applications that can be run under FireDaemon Pro:

Head over to our knowledgebase to check out our extensive collection of application tutorials.

Even More Key FireDaemon Pro Features

What else can FireDaemon Pro do? It primarily launches your application as a Windows service prior to you logging into your machine. This allows you to:

  • Start and run your application continually in the background without user intervention
  • Run your application either interactively or non-interactively
  • Restarts your application in the event of failure, unintentional or malicious shutdown or at scheduled predetermined interval
  • Modify your application's priority and bind to specific CPU cores with an easy-to-use interface
  • Run additional transient programs during the service lifecycle
  • Control, log and close popups that your application might display
  • Easily switch to Session 0 to view your running applications
  • Monitor your applications via web browser

30-Day Risk-Free Trial

We’re confident in the products we offer and think you will be too. That’s why we offer a risk-free 30-day trial period so you can see for yourself why FireDaemon Pro remains a trusted, reliable solution to running applications as a Windows service.

Our 30-day trial includes all the features of FireDaemon Pro so you can truly get to know the features of Pro and see how it works for you. Download a fully functioning 30-day trial of FireDaemon Pro. It's available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

What if my application doesn't work properly when run under FireDaemon Pro?

Most applications should run immediately under FireDaemon Pro. However, some applications require tweaks to get them running properly. If you run into problems contact us and we will help you with your setup.

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