Options Dialog
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The Options Dialog allows you to control various aspects of the FireDaemon Pro Service Manager permanently.



Show Splash Screen

When checked the splash screen will be displayed when the FireDaemon Pro Service Manager is launched.

Filter Services

When checked only FireDaemon Pro services will be displayed in the service list.

Refresh Interval

This determines how frequently the service list is updated along with service status, memory, PID and CPU statistics.

Start Automatic Services on Install

When checked, all services that are Automatic or Automatic (Delayed Start) will be started after install.

Hide All Popups

When checked, all notification popups in the FireDaemon Pro GUI will be suppressed.

Default Job Type

Sets the default Job Type. This will be applied to all new services created.

Enable Checking

When checked, when the FireDaemon Pro GUI is launched it will complete a single poll of the firedaemon.com website to determine if a new version is available. If it is a notification dialog will be displayed redirecting you to a download page.

Check Now

Clicking this button will perform an immediate poll of the FireDaemon website to determine if a new version is present.

CPU Bindings Radix

FireDaemon Pro services can be bound to specific processors or cores. This is known as CPU Binding (or CPU Affinity). This option will allow you to enter the CPU Binding Mask in either Binary, Decimal or Hexadecimal (see the Advanced tab for more information).

Clone Prefix

Determines the prefix automatically applied to services that are Cloned or Hot Cloned.

Use Separator

Determines whether separators are used and what form they take when constructing the new name of a service that has been Cloned or Hot Cloned.