Drag and Drop
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FireDaemon Pro service definition XML can be imported and exported directly from the FireDaemon Pro Service Manager (GUI) via drag and drop. To do this simply highlight an installed FireDaemon Pro service by clicking it and dragging it to the desktop (or appropriate folder). You can install FireDaemon Pro services simply by dragging service definition XML from a folder or the Desktop and dropping it on the GUI.

On Windows Vista or later, if User Account Control (UAC) is active you will not be allowed to to drag a service definition from the desktop to the FireDaemon Pro Service Manager due to User Interface Privilege Isolation (UIPI) and Mandatory Integrity Control (MIC). This is because the FireDaemon Pro Service Manager is running with elevated privileges whilst Windows Explorer is not. Disabling UAC and rebooting may resolve the issue. On later versions of Windows such as Windows 10 it's no longer possible to drag from Desktop into the FireDaemon Pro Service Manager. Use Save / Load instead.