Basic Installation
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FireDaemon Pro is supplied as a standalone installation executable (EXE). Two versions of the installer are available for 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems. To install, download the installer from the FireDaemon website then copy the installer to a convenient location. Start the installer by double clicking on it. If you are installing FireDaemon Pro on Windows Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7 or later you may need to confirm various User Account Control (UAC) prompts before the installer will run. If you are upgrading FireDaemon Pro, the previous version will be uninstalled first. If you have FireDaemon Pro services currently installed and running they will be stopped prior to the installation commencing and started again at the end of the installation.

Read the License Agreement and then check the check box on the left hand side to agree to it.

Please review other Important Information. Then click Next.

Now choose the setup type. Complete will install everything required for FireDaemon Pro to function correctly. If you want to minimise the installation disk footprint choose Compact or Custom. Then click the Next button.

The Custom Setup type allows you to explicitly choose which FireDaemon Pro features are installed. Take care when selecting or deselecting features as FireDaemon Pro may not run correctly if you choose the wrong features for your platform.

Please choose the folder to install FireDaemon Pro into. FireDaemon Pro must not be installed on a network drive. Click the Browse button to change from the default location, otherwise click Next.

Choose (and optionally change) the Program Start Menu folder where the default set of shortcuts will be created. Then click Next:

Additional shortcut icons can be created for your convenience. Choose where you want these icons created and then click Next:

If you are installing FireDaemon Pro on Windows Vista, 7, Server 2008, Windows 8, Server 2012 or later you will see the  Enable Support For Interactive Windows Services dialog. Choose whether you want to enable and automatically start Interactive Services Detection and to disable User Access Control. These are features that are specific to Windows Vista or later only. Then click the Next button.

If you are happy with the Setup choices you have made, click the Next button.

Once all files have been successfully copied you will see the following. Click the finish button.

Installation is complete! If you have left the Launch FireDaemon Pro now checkbox checked - the FireDaemon Pro Service Manager will be launched. If you left Show me how to create my first service! checked you will be taken to a page on the FireDaemon website that will give you detailed instructions on setting up your first service.