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FireDaemon Fusion is a web interface that allows you to control system services and FireDaemon services remotely. This guide will show you how to protect FireDaemon Fusion's web interface with a self signed or Certificate Authority Signed SSL certificate.

As of version 2013.09, Fusion supports SSL certificates with passwords. The passwords are stored as an AES256 hash in the Fusion configuration file.

Before Getting Started

Download and install FireDaemon Fusion from the FireDaemon website. If you have already registered, check the email that was sent to you.

There are 4 ways to create an SSL certificate: Self Signed Easy, Self Signed Hard, Let's Encrypt, and Certificate Authority.


The easy and hard self-signed methods will display an SSL warning message whenever you view your Fusion page. If you do not want to see this warning message, then you need to buy an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority.

If you choose to password protect your SSL .key file, please take note of the password as you will need it later in this guide. Also, don't forget the password as there is no way to recover it if you forget it!