Windows System Services
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The System Services area of FireDaemon Fusion shows a list of built-in Windows services. This list includes currently running services, as well as Windows services that have been stopped. Information on these services is displayed with the same columns as the FireDaemon services: Name, Description, State, Startup Type, Logged In As, Memory, and PID (process ID).

The toolbar contains buttons for you to start or stop a selected service. Additionally, the Refresh button allows you to refresh the list of built-in services.

As with the list of FireDaemon services, this list of built-in services is paginated, and you can change the number of services to view per page. You can also sort the results by any of the settings listed instead of name.

To edit a service, click the service’s name. The menus and options are the same as in FireDaemon Pro: General, Log On, Recovery, and Dependencies. Learn more about editing Built-In Services in the FireDaemon Pro guide.

Like in the FireDaemon services area, you can select multiple services to start or stop a given service.

While you may modify a system service, it is strongly discouraged, as removing a system service can compromise the function of your machine.