Quick Stats
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The Quick Stats area of FireDaemon Fusion shows information about the machines accessible from the one the logged-in user is currently using. It is visible only if the logged-in user has been granted permission to view this area.

The leftmost column shows the computers that are currently connected to your network, allowing you to select a computer and view the system information for any computer on your network. Computers outside your network that you have added to this running instance of FireDaemon Fusion are also shown. You can also shut down or restart a given computer from this menu.

Note that with the exception of shutting down or restarting a given computer, all the information shown on this page is read-only.

System Information

The System Information section shows the basic information for the computer that FireDaemon Fusion is installed to. This includes information on the computer name, operating system, processor(s), memory, storage, and network connections.

Service and Process Summary

This area shows the number of FireDaemon and Windows services running, as well as the number of processes currently running or stopped.

Software Summary

This section of the Quick Stats area shows information on the FireDaemon products currently installed and the location of the installations, including their licensing status (trial or purchased).

Users Summary

This area shows a summary of the users currently logged into the current Windows machine.