FireDaemon Pro Services
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The FireDaemon Services tab is where users and administrators can create, manage, and remove FireDaemon services. Note that use of the FireDaemon Services area requires FireDaemon Pro to be installed, as all services created and modified here are FireDaemon services.

The top of the FireDaemon Services pages features a toolbar for the commonly used functions in the FireDaemon Services Manager. The buttons are similar to those of the FireDaemon Pro GUI.



Create a new service definition.

Edit the service(s) selected in the service list.

Uninstall the service(s) selected in the service list.

Start the service(s) selected in the service list.

Stop the service(s) selected in the service list.

Restart the service selected in the service list.

Start all installed FireDaemon services.

Stop all installed FireDaemon services.

Restart (Stop then Start) all installed FireDaemon services.

Refresh the list of services.

Below the toolbar buttons, thee FireDaemon Services tab displays all FireDaemon services in seven columns. It is displayed only if you have FireDaemon Pro installed on your computer and you have been granted permission to view this area. These columns are:

Column Name



The name of the FireDaemon service.


A short description of the FireDaemon service and what it does, as set by the user.

Current Status

The current status of the FireDaemon service. This can be Running or Stopped.

Startup Type

The startup type of the FireDaemon service. The options are AutomaticManual, or Disabled.

Logged On As

The user that the FireDaemon service runs under.


The amount of memory this FireDaemon service is using, listed in KB.

Process ID (PID)

The Process ID of the FireDaemon service, as assigned by Windows.

A list of FireDaemon services displays below the toolbar, similar to the layout in the FireDaemon Pro GUI. Clicking "New" brings up the dialog to create a new FireDaemon service. Clicking a service brings up that service’s Edit Properties page. The steps and layout for creating and editing a FireDaemon service are the same as in the FireDaemon Pro GUI, with the same options available to edit.

This list of services is paginated, and you can change the number of services to view per page. You can sort the results by any of the settings listed instead of name, in either ascending or descending order.

You can also select multiple services within Fusion to edit, start, stop, restart, or delete.