Running daeMON as a FireDaemon Pro Service
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Running daeMON as a FireDaemon Pro service is straightforward. Download and install FireDaemon Pro from the FireDaemon website. Then set up a daeMON monitoring service per the screen shots below. You will need one service for each group of services you wish to monitor.

On the Program tab, set up FireDaemon Pro to run daeMON.exe with the appropriate parameters. See the Usage section for a list of parameters.

If you do not want to see daeMON running, visit the Setting tab and uncheck Interact with Desktop. Leave this setting checked if you want to see daeMON running.

On the Lifecycle tab, uncheck Graceful Shutdown as it's not required.

Then click OK to finish setup and start daeMON as a FireDaemon service!

Monitoring Remote FireDaemon Services

To monitor remote FireDaemon Pro services effectively, ensure the FireDaemon Pro configuration directive "Upon Program Exit" is set to "Shutdown FireDaemon". Should the remote subprocess fail for any reason, then FireDaemon will shutdown and daeMON will notice that the remote service has stopped and restart it again.