$US1,495FireDaemon Pro OEM

Key Features

FireDaemon Pro OEM has all the features of FireDaemon Pro. Pro OEM allows you to embed or integrate FireDaemon Pro in your software product or platform for a single license fee.

  • One License, one fee, royalty free
  • Includes command line and GUI tools
  • Re-brand with your company logo, themes and images
  • DRM Free - No Serial Number Name or Serial Number required for installation
  • Can be easily included / embeded in your EXE or MSI installers (eg. Installshield, InstallAware, WIX)


  • Base FireDaemon Pro OEM License costs $US1,495 which includes the first 6 month Upgrades + Support
  • Next 12 months of Upgrades + Support costs $US395
  • We can re-brand Pro OEM for you for $US495 (or you can do it yourself for free!)
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