Saturday, August 31, 2013

Importing and Exporting FireDaemon Service Definitions

FireDaemon gives you the ability to import and export service definitions. A service definitions is a text file containing XML. So, why would you want to import or export your service definitions? Well .... you might be rebuilding your server and need to backup your configs or migrating from an older server to new one. Alternately, you might want to replicate FireDaemon service configurations across multiple servers. FireDaemon gives you four methods by which you can import/export your service definitions:

  1. Drag and drop: simply click on a FireDaemon service in the GUI and then drag that service to your desktop or other folder
  2. Via the Service or right click menu: choose the services you want to export or XML files you want to import
  3. File open, save and view: in the FireDaemon Service Definition dialog click on the  four icons that allow you to Open, Save, Save As and View
  4. Via the command line: you can import, export and enumerate FireDaemon services at a command prompt
A complete list of FireDaemon XML service definition tags can be found in the manual.

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