Sunday, September 30, 2012

Useful Software: Secure Password Manager: Any Password

The biggest threat to online security and computer security are easy to guess passwords. Most people choose easy to guess passwords and this is very bad. That plus the prevalence of social networking sites makes it very easy for hackers to guess your password. Aside from guessing, they can use brute-force dictionary attacks that can break passwords in a matter of minutes or hours. You can stop this from happening by choose a complex alpha-numeric password. Remembering an alpha-numeric password is difficult and sometimes next to impossible. An example of this is a password like 2Gkb4S2q. An even better password is one that uses characters like question marks and exclamation points in addition to letters and numbers (eg. &%sZ+VLl). This is where Any Password comes into play. Any Password is a password manager. You can store passwords as well as other sensitive information in its database. The database itself can be passworded and its encrypted to prevent outside snooping. It also includes a random password generator.

Any Password is compatible with Microsoft Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP To use it on Vista, you will need to purchase the Pro version.

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