Thursday, January 19, 2012

Network Shares and FireDaemon

You can run an executable as a service under FireDaemon even if that executable resides on a network drive. In order to run an executable off of a network drive the following must occur or be true:

    1. The executable must be placed in a directory that is shared out
    2. The executable can be normally referenced via mapped drive (eg. L:\pathfile.exe) or via UNC path (eg. \\serversharepathfile.exe).
    3. Mapped drives or UNC paths can only be used if the service is run as a nominated local or domain user (see next point).
    4. If you intend to run the service as a nominated local or domain user then that user has must have permission to access the network resource (ie. share) in question. Further, if you want your application to Interact With The Desktop then you need to ensure that the local or domain user is in the Administrator's group.
    5. If you want to use a mapped drive then you are going to have to setup a Pre-Service Program to complete the mapping.
    6. The application working directory can be either a mapped drive or UNC path - however, if a UNC path is used, a trailing slash () must be supplied (eg. \\serversharepath).
See for more information.
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