Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fixing InstallShield's Visual C++ 2015 Runtime Preqrequisite

NOTE: InstallShield Professional 2015 SP1 has been released which addresses this issue.

At FireDaemon we’re using cutting-edge production tools like Visual Studio 2015 Professional and InstallShield Professional 2015.

A C++ program usually depends on the C/C++ runtime and the recommended way of deploying it along with your product is by utilising the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from Microsoft.

In order to create a pleasant end-user experience we are integrating the runtime package into our Session 0 Viewer installer as a "prerequisite". These are simply installer conditions packaged as .prq file. You can create such prerequisites on your own by using Installshield’s Prerequisite Editor. InstallShield however already provides a lot of such prerequisites, as you can figure from the following screenshot:

InstallShield Redistributables

The prerequisite file for the Visual C++ 2015 runtime isn’t included yet in InstallShield Professional 2015, but one can download it from their saturn server where they upload all the prerequisite files.

When we tested our installers we discovered a problem with the 32-bit installation on a 64-bit machine: Session 0 Viewer 32-bit wouldn’t work at all when we installed it after having installed and removed Session 0 Viewer 64-bit. We noticed that the 32-bit runtime wouldn’t get installed!

After investigating the problem further it turned out that the prerequisite for the 32-bit runtime checks the following registry key by default to have a certain value:


Unfortunately, this key is not only set by the 32-bit redistributable but also by the 64-bit redistributable:

InstallShield Prerequisites

The quick solution is simple: create your own prerequisite that doesn’t check for this specific registry value but where the DLL is explicitly present: %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\vcruntime140.dll.

Since this is clearly an InstallShield issue we opened a support case and they confirmed the prerequisite needs to be updated. Good news! Here’s an excerpt of the communication with Flexera support:

“Hi Klaus,

I have an update from our engineering team regarding this case. They have updated the conditions on the C++ 2015 Prerequisite so that it is not incorrectly detected as installed when the x64 redistributable is installed. So the conditions will be correct when this prerequisite is released with InstallShield 2015 SP1. Thanks for reporting the issue.


Flexera Software Support”

Klaus Triendl, Software Engineering Director @ FireDaemon Technologies Limited
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